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Hello everyone. My name is Shontres Miller, and I am campaigning for my son David Miller. This campaign is to raise money for the school he chooses to go to called Pine Forge Academy. The school is located in Pine Forge, Pennsylvania. It is an excellent school and has a very good report with the students and a great rate for college entry. David went last year 2023-2024; however, this year I am unable to financially sustain this, and I really want David to have the best education I think possible and to be somewhere he can really grow as a person, and student and most of all a Christian.

David is a great kid! I mean really, he doesn’t talk back, he is slow to anger, he is kind to others and his siblings. David does what is asked of him and does not complain. He goes to church and participates. David absolutely LOVES playing basketball and has hopes to join the basketball team this year. He is now at 6’1″ and growing. David likes spending time …of course playing basketball and video games and hanging out with family.

I am working extra to provide a solid foundation for him, and I know this is our choice, but we are asking that you choose to help us in this endeavor. Help Get David back to school and on the best path that gives him the best chance at a successful led life. I believe he will do great and wonderful things.

Please believe that whatever you give will be used ONLY and DIRECTLY towards David’s education journey. we are raising $20,000.00 towards this year’s tuition and have applied for some scholarships. Prayerfully David will be attaining his goals and making a HUGE mark on society!!

Thank everyone in advance for whatever you give.


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