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Cody Randall (age 40) was burned in a house fire on April 13, 2024.  He is currently in Saint Paul MN Burn Unit and is being treated for 2nd degree burns to his face, head, arms and hands.  He was trying to put out the fire, when he got burned.  Cody may have to have some skin grafts and looks to be staying at the St Paul Burn Unit for 4-6 weeks (or longer).  He has limited mobility in his arms.  This makes it difficult to eat and drink.  Cody is currently on strong antibiotics and the medical staff is trying to find the right one to fight off any infections.

Cody will be out of work for about 1 year, depending on how rehab goes.  During this year, Cody will be living with his mother, Susie.  She will be helping him with rehab and this will give him some time to be able to have his house repaired.  As of right now, the damage to the house is unknown.  The insurance company is assessing the damage.  Cody works for Bobcat doing assembly and they have placed him on leave, as of Monday.

Cody has a deep passion for cycling and fitness.  He also enjoys building and collecting Legos. Cody has a dog named Jack.  Jack is missing Cody very much and is currently with Susie.

Even though Cody has insurance, somethings will not be covered and extra medical expenses and travel will add up.  This is how his family and friends can help, first say a prayer for speedy and complete healing and second make a donation, any amount will help.


Cody at the St. Paul Burn Unit
Loyal companion, Jack

Update: 4/22/24

Cody had surgery on Friday to remove the infected skin and had cadaver tissue inserted. Lots of staples. His pain is not too bad except for dressing changes. He has been stretching my arms for OT to reduce the loss of mobility. Cody will be having skin grafting tomorrow April 23 and will be immobilized for 5 days. Please keep him and his surgery team in your prayers as he goes through this step. Also please keep sharing! 


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