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Hey my fellow friends and family. I’m Jessica’s oldest daughter, Emaleigh. Most of you may have met her or are meeting her in the near future. I don’t want to seem soppy, but Jessica is a mother to 4 children and a wonderful, amazing grandmother to a beautiful baby boy. Earlier last year, they found a tumor close to her coratid which is a vital nerve. They did surgery late last year and the surgeons failed to do their job. She now has multiple things that she struggles with and can’t do without a good few tries. She has multiple doctors appointments out of town and out of state to try and find a surgeon who can fix the original surgeons mistake. I’m making this for anyone who would be interested in donating or even just trying to support her. Within this difficult time where there is no telling how much time she has, I’m going to ask for prayers for my mother and my family because the time is now unpredictable on how much time she has left. Any and all donations will go towards gas, food, boarding, anything she needs. Please keep in mind that she’s going through a lot right now so please be respectful of that. I get everyone will want to wish her luck and everything, but she’s also trying to rest and do some other things to distract her. Thank you to anyone who helps out because this will mean so much to her and our family! God bless you!


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