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When life gets tough, look out your window and know that you have enough.

Hello my name is Yvonne Kimbel i’m 54 years old I’m a mother and a grandmother I’m a sister and I’m a artist.  my best creation are my two children Brittany and Zach the hardest thing was to tell them that I had cancer they’re young adults just starting their life I’m independent and I don’t like to ask for help but I just bought a car and when life gives you lemons you’re supposed to make lemonade, well that’s kind of hard to do if I can’t get to the store but for me getting to treatment it’s what  very important to me so that I can continue to be that backbone for my family if anyone has a used car to donate or if you’re a mechanic, I Need you now more than anything,  my life is kind of on the line I want to stay independent and it’s kind of hard to do when you don’t have transportation to get you to and from if anyone can help I would be so appreciative

Thank You

Yvonne Kimbel


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