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********************************************************A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL TO DONATE!!!

As of January 1, 2023 I have received my new kidney. Thank you for your love and support. I need your donations now more than ever as the bills keep coming in.

■UPDATE: Your donations have helped knock the balance owed down. Please pass the link to this page along to anyone you know that would help. I am 11 months in now and my new kidney is doing well.  Thanks for continued support.■

Hello everyone. I am asking for your donations to help me with my kidney transplant bills. The money will be used to cover the operation and Doctor costs. I had 9 years of torturous dialysis treatments and have been put into financial ruin because of my kidney failure. I also have had amputations of my left foot and 2 finger tips on my dominant right hand. I walk with a left foot prosthetic. I am still learning how to use my right hand due to the amputations. It has been impossible for me to work during this time and my disability check barely covers my rent. All this makes for an extremely difficult life for myself and my wife. But we soldier on.

 Unfortunately, insurance does not cover all the costs and has left me in massive debt. We are at $20,000 at this point. I am in a tough position and cannot do this without your help. It is a shame that every transplant patient in the United States of America has to go through this with the massive medical bills. I cannot believe that this is how it is. The US Government gives money to so many other countries needlessly and can’t fund this for our own citizens.

 Please find it in your hearts to open up your wallets to help me. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated. I want to Thank You for your donation in advance. God Bless You All. Louis Paone. ********************************************************


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