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Hello Dear Friends and Acquaintances, I am writing here today hoping you will be able to contribute to my dear friend Kimmy. She was diagnosed a few weeks ago with Stage 4 small noncell cancer in her liver and lungs as well as her brain! This sweet woman is only 54 years old with a wonderful son and two sisters. She is one of the most generous people I have met, and is always doing things for others , whether it being taking care of a sick loved one, being her partners caretaker who is a diabetic and amputee,  giving $20 to someone in need (even if she really doesnt have it) or just being a  kind listening ear when someone like me is having a meltdown (lol which is frequent). She has so many years left ahead of her seeing her son married and loving on grandbabies and During this difficult time and draining treatment the last thing she needs to worry about  is money. Since this is an advanced stage, aggressive cancer , they are doing an extremely aggressive treatment plan. She has already done her radiation treatment and on this coming Tuesday, May 3rd , she will begin an aggressive chemotherapy treatment, going three times a week, every week for 3 weeks. She is going to be put on oxygen soon because she is having some difficulty breathing at the moment. PLEASE consider any donation, even if its just a few dollars. I want Kimmy to be able to concentrate on getting well and not how she is going to put food on the table or pay her rent. Thank you all so much!


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