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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

First, a little backstory.  Four and a half years ago, my 16 year old daughter had a massive Hemorrhagic Stroke caused by an AVM.  It was July 23, 2019.  Our lives were changed forever!

I quit my job to care for her.  She had to relearn everything.  We had to sell our  home because I could no longer pay the mortgage.  After hundreds of doctors appts, procedures, surgeries, therapies, she returned to school and I returned to work part-time so I could still accommodate her appointments.  After three years of hard work, Abigail was ready for college.  She still has deficits but she has learned to cope with them.  She is my inspiration!  I worked full time for a year, was finally catching up emotionally and financially.

Fast forward:

March 2023, we purchased a home!

May 2023, Abigail had surgery on her right arm and leg.

June 2023, we moved into our new home

We were on a roll!  Finally things were looking up!

Four years after Abby’s stroke, July 13, 2023 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colo/Rectal Cancer.  Another hit!  I am on medical leave from my job and will be for the next few months.  Again, I find myself digging a hole financially and emotionally.

This is a tough fight.  I had surgery July 2023.  It was unsuccessful as the tumor was larger and more invasive than the doctors thought.  New plan, chemotherapy infusion and radiation to shrink the tumor, then surgery.

I completed 8 rounds of chemotherapy infusion and am currently doing radiation.  I go to radiation daily, Monday to Friday.  I also take 6 chemotherapy pills daily, M-F.  After I complete this phase, I meet with the surgeons to discuss surgery.  Please keep me in your prayers!  I still have a lot to do before I can proudly say I Beat Cancer!

I know this was a lot to read.  I really appreciate you listening to my story!  Please keep my family in your prayers!  We thank you for any help you are able to give!!  I learned after my daughter’s stroke, that it takes a village.  My kids and I will be forever grateful for all the support we received.


Update:  Completed 8 rounds of chemo IV and 27 treatments of radiation and chemo pills.  Next up, MRI and Catscan.  Then surgery.  One step at a time!


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