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Hello, My name is Lisa Pierre…   My son’s name is Keandre Westbrook. Keandre is a twenty-seven-year-old lively twin that is full of life and a bright future.  He is smart, athletic, and has an unmatched zest for life. Unfortunately, several weeks ago, he was shot.   Being man enough to walk away from an argument took much growth and maturity cultivated over years of self-reflection and that is exactly what Keandre did; he walked away; however, walking away was not enough and he was shot in the back.  Several ribs were broken, his lung collapsed, he was drowning in his own blood, and he courageously fought to live. Now he is paralyzed from the waist down because the bullet grazed his spine and he will need a lot of medical attention which includes, rehabilitation, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, cardiovascular therapy and financial support for many years. Additionally, he will need mobility therapy, independence training, and support to minimize and prevent further complications.  Finally, a lot of emotional and psychological support will be needed for him to adjust to what will be his new normal.  It’s a miracle he’s alive.   Like a lot of young men at his age, Keandre Westbrook did not have health insurance and I, as a mother and as a parent will do the very best I can.   With your own children and loved one’s in mind, a donation of any amount would be an absolute blessing and most appreciated!!!   Thank you very much Blessings


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