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I am praying for help. So I can have upper implant teeth. I had an upper chest ulcer burst, and two years after had an issue of acid coming back up into my mouth. Which has really taken a toll on my teeth. Prior to this happening, I used to love smiling and telling jokes to make others smile. Today I can only smile with a closed mouth. Yes, there are times I will cry even being 59 years old. Because I have been laughed at and divorced over this issue. But, I still try and keep faith someone can help or that God really can create a miracle. If my goal passes what I am requesting help for then, I would love to do the bottom. Clear Choice has quoted the whole procedure at 50,000.00. I realize this is a lot but with the help of the world I know my dream of smiling big can come true 🙂 I have tried to start a campaign somewhere else before but they were requesting that I send out my teeth photo I posted to all my friends. This was going to be extremely embarrassing. As enamel has been stripped from my teeth and all the dentists I have been to have come to the same conclusion. That the uppers must go. I really don’t want dentures. Because if I were to meet someone new in my life I would be embarrassed to have to remove my teeth at night.     Thank you All for your time and understanding.


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