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Hi, my name is Eddie.  I have had an ankle, hip and back surgery over the past 4 years.  Now I’ve been diagnosed with Metastatic Bladder cancer, which has spread to my kidneys, prostate, and a lymph node in my chest area.  I’m being treated at Winship Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia which is 76.44 miles from where I live.  They are still researching how vast my Cancer is.  My car is in need of repair, the parking alone is $10.00 per visit which has not been validated yet.  Gas is HIGH.  Currently I am depending on help from a friend who lives closer to Atlanta and drives me in their vehicle.  I am on a fixed income, social security, and I can not even afford to offer this person help. If I can get some help to get my car working and have something on gas it would be a tremendous help and I could reimburse the person who is helping me now with a few dollars.  This is important to me because as treatment goes on I know I will be in need of their assistance again and I do not want them to be overwhelmed and not be able to help me.  I want to take myself to appointments for as long as I can, for now it helps me handle this emotionally.  My prayers are that I be able to do this alone for as long as I can, but now I’m depending on my friend who is retired on a fixed income as well. If anyone decides to help me I would be extremely appreciative and thankful. There is much going on with me and I am told my situation is almost rare.  I also ask for your prayers!


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