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Family and friends, I call upon you all in my families’ great time of need. Medical and Dental issues have become overwhelming for us and we would be entirely grateful if you would be willing to assist us financially to seek these necessary procedures and appointments for my husband and son. Although, we have insurance our copays are not covered. Some are higher than expected and with a set income it has become inordinate. Here is what I am have been facing for this past month. My oldest son Juan had a diagnose of a Tumor on his gums. This tumor was blocking his tooth from coming out for a long time that was undetected by his general dentist. Last month this tumor was removed, luckily it was said to be a pocket of tiny teeth fragments . However, since that tooth was up there for so long it got rooted high up in his gums. Now my son, needs treatments from both an orthodontist and an oral surgeon that are not covered by his insurance. With such a diagnosis, the Oral Surgeon (Dr Cardenas will be working alongside with MINT ortho on a 30 month treatment) To expose and place a button on the tooth and pull it down with braces! If that wasn’t enough, my husband during this time had a diagnose that he had previously had a heart attack according to doctors and now is seeking treatment for his circumstances as well. Normally, I would not ask for any help. As, I am a proud independent individual as you all know. However, due to the circumstances, I have to put my pride aside and ask for support from all my friends and family. Anything would be greatly appreciated and will help. Thank you all for your consideration and god bless you for anything you can afford to donate.


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