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Hi, I’m Jill Sokolowski, a lifelong  family friend (Sister) to John Lucas & his family.  I’ve been in their lives for over 50 years.  John & Jeri have always been there to help me & my mom with many financial bills due to dementia.

In December 2023, after 1 year in remission from Espohageal Cancer Stage IV, John’s fighting for his life.

Unfortunately, John’s cancer has metastasized to his liver, lymph nodes & abdominal area. Due to the large size of small colon, liver & lymph nodes plus cancer areas it is non-operable, plus difficult to reach. A surgical  option would take John’s life because of the vast large size of the cancer.

John’s treatment for his cancer hoptions are very limited at this time.
He has sought out other 2nd opinions in other states with Advanced cancer programs.  The costs of care appear to be mostly non-covered by commercial health insurance.

If a 2nd + opinion would work utilizing more aggressive treatments towards remission, John would be required to pay even more unaffordable costs than he presently struggles to do.

If John & Jeri have NOT been required to pay a significant amount of money for out of pocket every month for their health care premiums, it would take much stress from John

On top of the large treatment expenses,  John is ALSO required to keep paying other medical bills from his previous very expensive monthly immunotherapy plus other required medications.

This campaign is dire to John’s  life.  His wife Jeri depends on John for her daily care she is disabled and an amputee.

Chemotherapy & immunotherapy treatments are all the treatment options John has right now.  Dr’s are treating John aggressively.

Please help me with any donation you can give John to help him fight his 3 back to remission. His family has endured vast medical expenses and they desperately need your help!! Thank you. ❤️


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