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Due to an illness starting in October in 2023, my husband was hospitalized for 28 days which resulted in receiving a triple bypass. He is currently recovering in our home but is mostly laid up in his bed. His hospital bills were over a half a million dollars, but due to our income level were reduced to a little under $100,000. There are two hospitals that we owe, Ohio State (Columbus Oh.) and Adena Regional (Chillicothe, Oh.)  Besides owing ambulance bills, radiology bills, and doctor bills. We do not have these funds and are trying not to file bankruptcy if possible.  Any help is greatly appreciated and will be put towards the medical expenses of Jim.  My husband has been making progress and now walks with a walker.   I have tried to call and negotiate all of his bills down as much as possible,  I have tried to explain to all we have n0 insurance and my husband is on social security now .  His medicare doesnt start until May 2024 so it doesnt help with any of these bills.   We are Christians and are trusting the Lord to help us with these finances.  We dont want to file bankruptcy if we can avoid it.   Thank you for any help that may come forward.   And we pray that the Lord will bless back all those who can help us in this time of need.  Sincerely in the love of Jesus,  The Bellar  Family

May God bless you, have a great day!


The Bellar Family


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