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In December 2021, Jerry lost his leg due to complications from a blood disease. His recovery was complicated by several strokes and infections. He has lost the ability to walk and as with most strokes his cognitive ability is diminished. His wife is his fulltime caregiver. They were not prepared for all of the complications and their home is not equipped for the care he needs. He is currently sleeping on a sofa as his home is not equipped for a hospital bed. His immediate needs are a medical lift chair that reclines so he can rest and his wife can transfer him to and from his wheelchair. He needs a bed that he can get in and out of easily. He needs a comfortable wheelchair. He needs clothing that is easy and comfortable to wear. The handicapped ramp in the front of their home is a makeshift ramp and unsafe. Repairs to the ramp are necessary to use the wheelchair safely. Many small repairs needs on their home are needed. At this time they are heating with electric and kerosene heaters. It has been a hard road for his wife. She is homebound due to caring for him 24/7. She needs a bed to sleep near him to ensure his safety.  He retired as an HVAC from the school distict in Greenville County.  Merry Christmas!


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