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Jeff Duncan needs your urgent support

February 12, 2017

My name is Jeff Duncan, I have been a quadriplegic spinal cord injury for 29 years; with saying this medical conditions are always a challenge!

Well!!!! This week my bed broke and is unfixable. To say the least it has been a challenge!!

I have been using a hand me down craftmatic bed for the past 14 years which had an adjustable remote to rise and lower the head and feet option to help with breathing and swelling of lower extremities. I have struggled in the past with breathing issues and blood clots.

My peeps that help me have struggled with turning me from side to side and to transfer me into my wheelchair!!! My wife and I have brainstormed to come up with a temporary solution putting a wooden shelf at the head of my bed under the mattress (so picture that laying on a shelf)!!

We checked with our health insurance and they will not cover any of the cost; my wife is looking at grants for people with disabilities but, that takes time as well as to know the criteria even if a grant is available for this type of expense.

We have decided to order a bed with the features that are needed knowing the cost is more than we can afford at this time. So, we are putting it out there to see if there may be any donations that would help me incur the cost which is going to be approximately $4200.00.

I step out in faith trusting that the need will be met!

Thank you in advance for taking you time in reading and donating to the cause!

Kind Regards,

Jeff Duncan

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