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10 months ago I poured out my heart and asked for your help to save my 24 year old son, Jacob Lehner, from an aggressive oral cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes. Sadly, Jacob lost the fight and went home on July 28, 2022.

He leaves behind me Geri, his mom. His dad Peter. His sisters, Marina, Tamara and Kira. His nephew Emmett and his niece Rori. His best friends Craig and Cameron. The love of his life, Sarah. And many many people whose lives he touched along the way such as his boss Sharri, Rosa, Lorena and Eva. Samantha the beautiful soul that spent his last night stargazing with him. And Andrea, Andian and Jayne, the healers he still connects with.

He was funny, kind, thoughtful, generous beautiful inside-and-out, athletic, smart and had a way with people that made them feel seen and heard! He was fiercely protective of those he loved and always put them first above his own needs.

He had a talent for sports but loved basketball above all. He escaped his play pen at 6 months of age and never stopped until now.

He loved spending time with his family and especially family game nights. Playing with 2 year old Emmett and comforting baby Rori Rose

We hope to continue his legacy, as we grieve his loss and heal our hearts, by helping others through the Jacob Lehner’s CHAMPS Charity (http://www.champscharity.com) which helps those with cancer access treatment they otherwise cannot. Thank you!


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