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Please help me save my beautiful son’s life. He just turned 25, and has stage 4 oral squamous cell carcinoma. He had half his tongue removed and tissue & blood vessels taken from his arm to reconstruct the tongue, a skin graft from his thigh to cover the arm and a neck dissection to remove 44 lymph nodes. Three of which were positive for metastatic carcinoma, and two had extra nodal extensions. Which means the cancer escaped into his body.

The radiation has a high chance of destroying his thyroid, tastebuds, and salivary glands. It may cause lung fibrosis, heart disease and other cancers. The amount of radiation is a one-time in a life-time dose. Despite radiation and chemo he only has a 48% chance of surviving 5 years.

He never smoked and is negative for HPV (the two biggest risk factors). When the Covid lockdowns started he became inactive and ate mostly McDonalds and delivery meat pizzas. This diet high in processed food, and low in vegetables and fruits, and inactivity are his only risk factors. And perhaps the stress of the pandemic and playing too many video games with his wireless earbuds because of it.

We want to try every possible non to minimally toxic protocol that has a reasonable chance of success first, before the radiation and chemo. We searched the therapies first: such as PDT, hyperthermia and high dose vitamin C IV. And found the clinic which offered all these treatments and more after-Hope4Cancer.

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