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HSG test

Update 8/26/2021

Sometimes it’s so hard to figure out what to share and what not to share. You never owe anyone explanations, but I imagine there are others like me, who are clueless at the beginning of the journey. When we got married 2.5 years ago we had high hopes of getting pregnant and bringing babies home. Life was good. Life was busy. Time slipped by. We didn’t even think about anything being off until after babe had COVID last July. When we realized we had to start looking into what was going on we had no idea where to start. Why am I bringing this up? Because… THE TESTS. These tests y’all. When we had our initial consult with the inferility specialist she rattled off a list of tests to try and figure out what’s causing our issues. Yesterday I had the next test on the list, HSG. Y’all can google that if you want details. Here’s what I will say about that test… nothing you read online or discuss with the technician will actually prepare you for the awkward discomfort of this test! Just a real heads up. So, here’s the good news/bad news. Good news: my genetic testing came back with all negatives for the 32 factors they tested AND the HSG test showed my tubes are clear of blockages! Praise the Lord for those things. But, it means more tests. It also means Tests for babe. Thankful to share this journey with such a supportive spouse and community! Thank you for the prayers and support!


First, i hate this. I hate asking for help. I suppose I’m getting better at it with all of Sil’s needs. But, it’s the worst. There’s this admittance that you just can’t do it on your own. It’s outside of our power. So, now we ask. Otherwise it’s impossible without help, your help. We’re raising funds to help with IVF, because it is very costly. Our initial visit will be Wednesday, July 28. That visit will be $1018 and some change. It will cover new patient portfolio information and ultrasound to check out my insides. We’ve got that covered. Our insurance doesn’t cover infertility treatments. So, with that being said we’re looking at a ballpark cost of $20-25k for the first round of IVF. Of course we’ll know more Wednesday. This only comes after two and a half years of trying and miscarriage. We are asking specifically that over everything you will join us in prayer. No matter the outcome we want the Lord to be glorified.



It’s taken me a bit to get around to an update. Sorry about that! It felt like we were just in this holding pattern. All testing has to be done on specific days. Also, everything pushed back, we thought we might be pregnant. This time I didn’t get my hopes up though, but still hard. So, today I drove downtown to the fertility clinic and had so many tubes of my blood taken. So. Many. Next week I’ll have a special X-ray with contrast to check out my ovaries, tubes and linings. We should know some things from the blood work in 3-4 days. I’m not entirely sure why but the appointment next week has me a little on edge. Please be praying that I can have peace and the test results of all these things will be favorable. Thanks everyone!


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