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Me and my wife have been trying to have another child for over 5 years now, last year she surprised me with a positive pregnancy test when I came home from work, we were absolutely ecstatic about it and couldn’t wait to tell everyone. A few days later we experienced something that I would never with on anyone in my life. It caused multiple avalanche effect events to happen within the last year which eventually led to my wife no longer being able to naturally get pregnant. My wife almost died in a hospital bed due to malpractice from the Hospital and all I could do was sit there and watch. It has been one crappy year, but my wife and I are ready to try again (in a different way) to add to our family.

The current state of the economy is effecting everyone for the most part, the Navy already doesn’t pay me that much and on top of that the food industry world that my wife is a apart of doesn’t pay absolutely anything close to what it deserves for my wife. Tricare pays about 75% of the costs of IVF but even then its alot. This is not something that I have ever seen myself coming to, and nothing in me is expecting anything out of this. I appreciate everyone in my life who has offered their love and support and I want to make it 100% clear that this is just an ask for help, not a cry. If you do decide to help out then just know that me and my wife will be forever grateful to you. If you choose not to then same thing, we just appreciate the support.


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