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The doctor told me I was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease at the age of 21, and months later, I need money for treatment so I created this page to help me on my journey I just wanted to see if I could get help with the bill we already paid 2000 we need 100 more to get my treatment so if anyone can help it will be gladly appreciated please and thank you. I need help and I hope you can support and if not I understand I say this because I know how it feels to be below poverty so if not I understand that so enjoy your life to the fullest encase I don’t get the chance to myself thank you for taking your time out to read my last message to the world before I leave earth and I hope I at least stop some violence in the world and make it somewhat a better and safer place for you all thanks so much if you can do something to support me sincerely to you all from Taareonmy.


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