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Hi! My name is Emalee and my husband, Josh, and I are close friends of Olivia and Jesse.

On the morning of December 30th, Jesse unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 30.

This loss has left many people utterly shocked and devastated.If you knew Jesse he was always the first person to make you laugh about some stupid joke he made. He was a West Virginia Boy that loved the mountains and that stood by the Cowboys no matter what the score was. He loved his Baseball and Pokémon cards and has a collection to prove it. He also wanted a family of his own and couldn’t wait to get started with Olivia by his side. He talked about to his brother right before he passed that he couldn’t wait to see them all playing in the back yard someday soon. But most importantly he also would do anything make sure you were taken care of before he would worry about himself.He took that same mentality into his marriage with Olivia.His main goal was to make sure she was taken care of and had everything she needed and loved.

Now, with him gone, it’s our turn to make this time a little easier for all of them.Olivia and both of their families need our help, so anything you can give would mean the world.

Any donations will go towards funeral expenses that are needed and whatever is left will be going to Olivia and the family for them to get through this tough time as they get back on their feet.


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