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My body was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. My best friend and loving husband Bruce has been helping me through this process, and we found this GiveTaxFree website to help with financial donations that are tax free. We are both very grateful for any help on this platform.

The cancer history started with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in my early 20’s and was cured with extensive toxic treatments that can also cause other cancers in the future. Approximately 20 years later, a breast cancer diagnosis came (due to prior radiation) and I built my health back with a Naturopath after a Lumpectomy. 

A couple of years ago, a 2nd breast cancer diagnosis came and I had a Lumpectomy. Recently, I was advised that it became metastatic. Since the early toxic treatments were so damaging, I cannot take any more radiation on my chest area and adding any high doses of toxic drugs can damage my heart. I located and am using a specialty cancer clinic in the AZ that provides low dose toxic drugs to clear the cancer growth as well as immune boosting therapies to help the body get and stay strong. 

Unfortunately, health Insurance only covers “Standard of Care,” which means extremely high doses of toxic drugs that my body can’t handle, and Insurance will not cover the low dose therapy. 

I selected a naturopathic and oncology clinic in AZ that has a long history of success with cancer. I began treatment 8 weeks ago and have reached noticeable levels of disease reversal, documented on lab tests. I am feeling strong and positive-minded as I focus on a comprehensive, yet scientifically valid approach to healing.

I found the platform “GiveTaxFree.org”, which is a registered 501C3. Any donations will help cover the out of pocket and deductibles charged for my medical treatment. These donations are tax deductible. You would receive a tax donation email immediately from Givetaxfree.org, the only non-profit Crowd Funding site in the USA.

This may not be the best day to make this request,but I have been busy with treatment 3-4 days a week and had the time today. Bruce and I are grateful for any size contribution. Have a beautiful 2022.


Deborah Potter


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