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Hello, my name is Marlan Hall. I’m from Detroit, MI, where I’m currently located. Well, I ended up back in the Michigan area because of a heartbreaking tragedy in the family, myself and my older sister stayed together in Oklahoma, and she passed away suddenly. My life was totally changed. It was very hard for me to accept the fact that she was gone. I fell into a depression that almost took me out as well…I didn’t care anymore about life, and I wanted to die. When she passed away, I had to move…I was homeless for about three months before my younger sister contacted me. She pleaded with me to come back to Michigan, so I gathered all my belongings and moved. I did find work, and it was something to help keep my mind off the loss, but I still struggled with depression and finances to just live. I do have family in the Michigan area, and they have helped me as much as they can, but, because of my credit being tarnished and not having the type of income that would help restart my life, I continue to spiral down. It’s just been very difficult to just get ahead…right now, I still don’t have a place of my own to call home and to top it off, I also need major dental work done as well. I do have a car to get to work, but it is very old and always needs repairing. Mentally I know I’m better than I was a year ago, but my challenge now has been getting a place to live. I’m a good working person, and I don’t like to ask for help, but where I am now forces me to let pride go and ask for help. Thank you for taking the time to even read this, and thank you for being a blessing.


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