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Recently a tree fell on my car and totaled the motor and the battery and whole front of my car causing thousands in damages and the insurance company won’t do anything about it, they won’t pay or reimburse me for it and I’m stuck in a bind. found a little beaner I was hoping to get enough to get it, went and looked at it with my gramps, he said it was in pretty good condition except that a few things needed replaced some time in the near future and they are pretty cheap. due to the state of the economy, dealerships are basically charging an arm and a leg for a vehicle, especially somebody working at a fast food joint with barely 32 hours a week with little pay. I tried to borrow rides and cars from friends, but that only lasted for so long.. I’m looking to hopefully see if good people are kind enough to do this, especially since this is my first time doing anything like this, and I’m a little nervous doing it. Will donate the rest to a funding on here of whatever is left if there is anything left. i went and scrapped the old car to get a couple hundred dollars, not how much i intended to get out of it, but beggers can’t be choosers. a friend told me about this and said this is where he got his donations for his medical bills and said i should give this a try. I’m still currently getting rides back and forth to work, but it’ll only last so much longer before that stops happening.


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