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My name is Linda, I am 76 years old my story is a bit complex, and this is my last resort for any kind of help for me and care for my 53-year-old disabled daughter.  At the end of this past May, I returned home from a trip, the house was dark, I found our dog with his bag packed and 5 minutes later the Police came w papers for me to vacate and I had 10 minutes to do so.  I had no money, few clothes and no car, a friend let me stay at her house for 5 days, after that point, my daughter and I moved in together.  My husband who is 82 and was diagnosed with Parkinsons and Dementia a year ago April and doesn’t drive. (Even though he has someone remove it) He had his son arrange this while I was gone.  My daughter has many autoimmune disorders (lupus, Pseudo Tumor Cerebri, Hashimoto’s Disorder, Seizures, Diabetes, Kidney Issues and Heart Disorders) with this comes various doctor visits.  I am having a shoulder and back operations soon, meaning I too have appts.  We are trying to survive on $1355.00 per month but this cannot cover all the bills.  If I could get the help, I could get a used car, pay forward rent, take care of medical expenses and maybe breathe a little easier.  I often wonder how someone that professed his love for you each day could do this without an explanation or a goodbye, thank you for listening, Linda


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