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I have Intrahepatic Bile Duct Carcinoma, which is cancer of the bile ducts and liver. I was diagnosed about 18 months ago and was told then I may have a year to live, so far I’m beating it. I was a cross country truck driver until I came down with cancer, now I can barely do anything for myself. I had never been sick or in the hospital in my life until I got this cancer! I have 1 goal, I want live long enough for my grandson to remember how much I loved him! My wife works 10 hours a day and then comes home and takes care of me better the any nurse ever could, still we have ran out of money. My daughter is a full day drive from us and she works also. She can’t help, her pay just isn’t good enough and this cuts way down how often I get to see my grandson in person. I can’t travel farther than a few before I start to hurt and get sick. So, me traveling almost 400 miles is out the question. $20,000.00 will help us make it through another year paying medical bills, food, household supplies and see my beautiful grandson on a regular basis!     So, please donate what you can so my grandson will remember who his grandpa was, unlike me who only remembers 1 grandpa that I had for 8 years before he died, my other grandpa died when I was 3 and I don\’t remember him at all. God Bless All!


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