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HELP!!!! I don’t even know where to start. 2 weeks ago, I had the rug pulled out from under me. The Ocular Melanoma is back and pretty aggressive this time. I almost made it. I was 4 years from 1st diagnosis and treatment with a less that .02% chance of return. Doctor was patting himself on the back and we were in the “home stretch”, 5 years and reoccurrence drops to .001%. In passing I mentioned the flashed of blinding light and flash migraines, so he himself did an ultrasound of my eye, then he had his U/S tech do one. We look at it on his computer screen, he jumps up, kicks the chair, lets out an expletive, and yells for his “CA coordinator NOW”.  His words “The damn cancer is back.” He gave me 2 choices… EYE removal and eventual palliative care or Proton Radiation treatment. I chose to live, I told him “MY KIDS NEED ME !! fix me or adopt them, 2 are twin teens! The only 2 places in the country that do this treatment are in Boston Mass or Loma Linda Ca.  Boston Mass is best fit as I have a complex medical history.  Boston here I come!! My husband has to come with me as I need a responsible adult with (hospital policy). Its eye surgery and then intense daily therapy. We have to be in Boston for 3 weeks. Hubbys job does not offer FMLA wages, so we will be without his income for 3 weeks. I have a disabled daughter plus her twin who needs care while we are gone. I take care of my disabled veteran brother who lives with us, I have to arrange care for him as well. Oh and my young granddaughter lives with us and I’ll need to coordinate her care and transportation too. As you can see I’m a giver. I take care of my family, and now I need your help.  Co pays, lodging, flights, rental car or UBER will run into the thousands.  every cent counts. and is so appreciated.


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