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I recently lost my husband and just work part-time. I have 8 days to call and set up the funeral arrangements, or they will consider him as unclaimed and I am beside myself trying to figure out some way to give him the burial and service he deserves. Please, if you can help in any way thank you so very much, and if you can not, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  My husband was loved by so many, and would give the shirt off of his back if someone needed more than he did. He is survived by his wife, his four children, a wonderful mother and I want to be able to take care of this and so she can say goodbye to her son with a nice service. Thank you all and God bless.  I have no relatives that can help and this is all up to me. It does not have to be fancy we just want to be able to provide a nice service and headstone and the minimum for just being able to begin planning and claim his body would be 1200 and that is if cremation was done. His wishes were to be buried in a church and cremation is not what he would have wanted. I want him to have a small beautiful service and to be able to have a headstone made. But I have 23 dollars in the bank and work only part-time and go to online college full-time. I just do not have the money.


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