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I started a new job this year and the work has become inconsistent and I’m struggling to pay bills. The company has experienced layoffs and a lack of work for those of us left due to the economic downturn. I’ve applied for new full-time work, part time jobs, gig work, unemployment and, unsuccessfully, snap benefits.

With the cost of utilities and groceries rising drastically, even with a steady paycheck, I was penny pinching, living paycheck to paycheck, and using credit cards to live. My sister moved in with me during the Covid shutdown and I have pets dependant on me. I have medical expenses I can’t afford and more coming. And now student loan payments are starting again and they’re not anywhere in my budget.

I have a generous family member who helped as much as they could, but they would like to retire. I feel like a failure to be borrowing from them with no plan to pay them back in sight.

The new job was supposed to make things easier. I work full-time as a volunteer in addition to full-time work and I’m afraid I’ll have to stop volunteering and work gig/part-time constantly to survive. I’ve overdrawn my account twice paying my rent and car payment. I can’t afford groceries or pet food this week while I wait for unemployment.

I could really use some help to get above water while I continue to search for work. I am drowning financially and emotionally. I appreciate any and everything. Thank you for your time reading this.


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