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I am suffering from a rare are form of throat cancer. I’m in need of some financial assistance to help paying for my daily needs such as toilet paper, paper towels, personal items to care for myself, insurance, car payment, rent and other bills that are coming due. I have been calling all the local charities trying to get some help but it appears that they are having trouble. Also trying to take care of so many people that are in need. I never thought I’d be one to get cancer but it’s not something you have a choice about,, it’s something that just happens,. It really affects you not just physically but emotionally also it’s very trying. I’ve lost over 50 lb, and and very weak and struggling. I plan to survive this and move forward but the road to recovery can take several months and then this time I need to find a way to take care of my financial needs. I’ve gone through all my savings already and now I’m at the end of the line. Some days it is just a struggle to swallow food to keep my strength up. I have to make sure I get enough protein and fat just to try to maintain my weight. But unfortunately my weight keeps falling. Some of it they say is from the stress. I fight everyday, emotionally and physically to keep moving forward and stay positive. Staying positive they say is one of the best sinks to help you out in this type of situation. Anything that anybody can do to assist me would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance. And may God bless you and always.


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