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I believe in treating the root cause of my disease and not just the symptoms.

Without treatment, I would have 12 to 15 months to live, with metastasis and progression being the hallmarks of recurrent endometrial cancer. I am 63 years old with two dependents. As the breadwinner, my disease is a huge risk for my family. I am Self Employed and used a considerable amount of my resources to keep my business afloat during the pandemic so my savings and assets are depleted at this time. Our family depends on my two contractor jobs to take care of business.

I have taken on the challenge to heal myself without resorting to chemotherapy, which seems to be my only choice according to standard US Cancer practices. I find it unconscionable to destroy the very systems I would need to defeat and recover from Cancer, mainly my immune system.

The conventional therapies available from cancer treatment centers here in the US require that you follow the protocol –  first chemotherapy which suppresses all of your immune defenses to naught, impedes your ability to function and its track record is a 43% chance of living past 15 months. (Statistics available from the Texas Oncology site). It would also cost me in excess of $25,000 out of pocket with Medical Coverage from my PPO for the initial treatment and costs would be ongoing if my cancer did not respond to the chemotherapy.

I am a trained chemist and have substantial experience in analyzing the chemicals used for chemotherapy and am well versed in their toxicity levels and permanent side effects.

In the interim I have embarked on a stringent keto diet that has limited my carb intake to 20g per day  – I have improved my A1c from 7.5 to 6.5 in the last 90 days and reduced my body mass by 30lbs. I feel well and energized and am having a follow-up scan this week to gauge my disease progression.

I’ve done extensive research and I have found a far more comprehensive immunotherapy treatment process ( based upon the European standard of care) and this thorough approach to deal with the cancers I have and the treatment has a 78% remission rate ( see the Immunotherapy Institute website for statistics) –  while giving you the quality of life. The cost is $23,500 for all on-site treatments and includes accommodation and specialized nutrition for 18 days. I’m looking to raise enough to cover the loss of wages for one month and care for my 90-year-old mom who has dementia and my spouse who has just had hip replacement surgery, while I go for treatment and the follow-up treatment at home. I’m aiming to raise $60,000.
I intend to write a book about my journey and I would dedicate the proceeds to pay it forward in Angel money for someone in my shoes.
Please consider donating to my cause and let me live my best life yet – helping others face the same decisions.

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