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My family moved to Florida in February 2022.  Around June, I started to lose some weight, then Neuropathy set in the foot as I was walking to the pool, it just went numb, then my legs started being affected, but it’s now more tolerable with medication, bone pain set in, general body aches, I went to so many specialists, and cost my family so much money with tests etc.  Our insurance is good, but not good enough.

So, In June 2022 I hurt my neck. While I was in the ER I had a neck CT.  There was a strain but nothing too bad.  They did NOT tell me at the time that there was a lung nodule seen in the scan.

A few months later I was going over my labs etc, and I came across this neck scan that said I had a ground glass nodule in my upper left lobe.  So I called my primary care doctor, eventually got a Chest CT and that’s when they found in the LOWER RIGHT LOBE, something that looked worse.  The only way to see what it was was a Lung surgery where they take out a wedge and test it.  Well, when I woke up from that surgery, it was confirmed to be stage 1b adenocarcinoma.  I am 48.  One of the worst days of my life. I am blessed they found this early, but It gonna be a long road, I just hope someday the fear goes away.

There is much more to our move to Florida journey, it has felt like we have been spiritually attacked since we got here.  My youngest attempted suicide last October (which WAS the worst day of my life when I found her), and very nearly succeeded, She was flown to Orlando for days then to a mental health facility. She is NOT doing well again with MY cancer news. 

My husband has no more time off, so she is the one who took care of me on her summer vacation after my surgeries and frst 2 rounds of chemo, now,  she is doing her Senior year online to help me with the last 2.  I feel terrible.

I was in the process of looking for a Job to help support my family, But, when I got the news and had to schedule my first surgery, I had to cancel my interviews!  Between bills from last year and my daughters incident, and my cancer diagnoses and everything that went with that,  our finances have gotten bad, so now we need to move again after my last treatment in October.  The added stress it not doing good things to my body.  My car is on Its last leg, we are behind on our mortgage, and once the snowball effect started from the 20% copays from tests etc, this summer, etc, is got very hard to climb out of, I just am starting to feel like a hopeless burden, and I am failing my family.

This is truly embarrassing to me, I am so worried about my family I don’t even know if I will be okay?


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