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I am 85 years old, and I found out I have 2 types of cancer in my mouth.
The doctor said this is very rare, and I am scared to death of the outcome.
Both lesions are mixed with Erythroplakic / Leukoplakic cancer.
I have had this for many months it all started out with a sore place
in my mouth, and I did not think anything about it, I tried everything
to get rid of it, but it would not go away it only got worse and bigger.
It got to be very painful and very hard to eat.
I went to the doctor, and when he told me that I have cancer and told me that
they would have to cut parts of my jaw bone out and my options were chemo and
radiation .
My God, I’m 85 I am too old to go through that I don’t think my body can stand
chemo or radiation and I am on Medicare and it does not cover cancer in the mouth I am scared about the medical bills that I will be left with and not being able to pay them and my house payment and losing my house.
so I am reaching out to all the people in this world and asking for your help
I am asking for you to pray for me I don’t want to die I want to see my grandchildren grow up I want to live please help anything you can give to help would be a blessing Thank you.


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