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Our special little guy was born significantly early with several concerning diagnosis prior to birth. He requires significant therapy daily and a lot of extra care and attention which his family is more than willing to provide with a little help from our friends and family throughout the community. Behhem Ryker is full of life and love, he is the sweetest little guy ever with a smile that can melt. Bekhem was recently approved for hyperbaric chamber visits that unfortunately are not covered by our provider and we are asking for donations so the little guy has a better chance at quality of life. Bekhem will recieve daily visits to the hyperbaric chamber five days a week for six weeks. Each session is estimated at $150.00 Thank You everyone for your support and we will post on Bekhems journey along the way! Bekhem currently receives both physical and speech therapy from our wonderful local providers along with specialty care. Our little man loves spending time with his older sister and crawling after the cat around the house. He loves car rides and getting loves and kisses from his Mommy. We want to ensure Bekhem has the best possible shot and enjoying his youth with friends and sports and possibly a future in the armed services like his father. We are thankful to everyone willing to provide financial support and even just prayers! Thank You again and may God bless!

Bekhem will being his hyperbaric treatment at a local facility in the eastern Washington northern Idaho region. We will provide specifics and frequent updates of Bekhems ever improving condition regularly. a brief history on family. Bekhem has an older sister Blaykelee who had a few of the same underlying issue Bekhem has but was fortunate enough to experience the more severe symptoms. His mother holds a BA in nursing and has been apart of the medical community all of her adult life. His father is a combat veteran of the Iraq war and currently works for the VAMC with AAS degree in business. We love the outdoors and spending time by the water.


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