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My Dear Friend Jami is suffering from Severe Heart Failure with only 15-20% function of her heart!  The doctors tell her not to work.  It’s possible she may need a heart transplant however, the medication regimen she has started is expensive.  The need for assistance with medical expenses, housing, medications, basic necessities is beyond measure.  She is a very hard-working person with a heart of gold, and this is something that she could never imagine going through which I’m sure most of us can relate to.  The efforts of her trying to door dash or find odd jobs to make ends meet break my heart, knowing that even this is difficult.  Trying to find jobs that she was capable of doing has now turned into the most difficult task such as walking can bring exhaustion and shortness of breath.    What can a person do to survive when your limited in performing what we would consider simple tasks?   This is difficult to think about when it seems as though her hands and feet are now chained to a concrete slab and there is no escape unless she dies trying to make ends meet.  I cherish my friend and want her to see many more days.   Bills are not going away, and she is unable to work. Losing everything and relying on others is something we all cannot fathom but this is her life at the moment.  She has always been an independent, strong willed, brilliant, caring, and compassionate person.  God is and has been helping her in many ways and I am reaching out to anyone and everyone that can help.  She is the type of person that will drop everything to help others and now she is the one that needs the help.  My Father in Heaven can do all things and I am praying he touches your hearts to help my dear friend survive.   Thank you all for taking the time to read this.  Jeanie


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