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Hunter was born October 1, 2012 with a rare condition thay only 2 other people also has. Hunter has a mutated gene that controls his brain growth, development, and function. Hunter deals with seizures that cause him to become unresponsive for long periods of time. He was born without the protective layer of fat that surround his little brain. While he was inside me many Doctors asked me to think about aborting the pregnancy all together, but I could no do that. My life has been truly blessed by this little boy and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. He has battled many challenges in the 4 years he has been with us. This year has definitely been the roughest. He has spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals and had to have surgeries to better his quality of life. Hunter and I have spent countless nights at cooks fighting the challenges that he was dealt. It amazes me daily at how strong this little boy truly is. The Doctors that help Hunter don’t really have a lot of information and we fly blind most of the time about what may happen next with him. I can say as a mother it is scary to  ever know what could happen and when. What I do know is God and my family and friends are always on our side and willing to be there anytime I need. It is not always easy asking for help, but I also want to be able to make sure I give Hunter and the Doctors every chance to learn more and better his life moving forward. Any little bit would help and go a long way with his medical bills. Hunter is the sweetest little boy and deserves every chance to have a happy and healthy life.


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