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I am a single father of one daughter residing in Los Angles.  Recently, my bank account was emptied out by unscrupulous individuals who clearly enjoyed not working for a living.  

While the bank investigated the matter,  checks issued to pay bills bounced and overdraft fees accumulated.  Even though the bank eventually credited my account with the money that had been taken out, the money was used to pay unpaid bills and the fees charged by the bank.  By the time it was all said and done, I still owed the bank.

It has been extraordinarily difficult to catch up and stay afloat.  That is why I am here today reaching out to you to ask for your assistance in helping me make my situation stable once again.  

It is difficut and embarrassing to approach others for help but sometimes you have to put aside all embarrasment and do it and more so when you are responsible for someone else.

The funds I am asking for will help me to get all financial affairs back in order the way they were before my account was emptied.  They will help me catch up with and pay all bills: gas, car, rent.

I will send a personal thank you note to those who help me make my situation stable again.  I am a strong believer that what we do for others, we receive back ten fold.

Thank you for your attention to my cause.

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