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“Hope is our future!”

April 23, 2021, was diagnosis day for Hope, which revealed Rett syndrome and other genetic disorders through DNA full genome testing at 11-months of age.

Shortly after Hope’s birth, she showed signs of classic Rett syndrome symptoms of developmental issues such as recurring infections, low body mass, swallowing issues, life-threatening breathing issues, seizure-like episodes, not sitting up, not crawling, not feeding herself, not talking and not walking at her official diagnosis date.

Hope continues to be wheelchair bound and now is growing into a young, beautiful girl. She needs a downstairs office space and half bathroom to be modified into a bedroom and bathroom to customize her special needs as a Rett Syndrome patient.


It is estimated to cost $20,000 for the two room modifications for Hope’s special needs. Any monies—small or big—will help Hope, her family and caregivers.

Sincerely, The Valdez Family


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