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Dear Loving Friends and Caring Philanthropists,
Sadly, we have lost our income and our home to COVID and have found ourselves homeless at 70 years of age.
We have been married for almost fifty years. We were evicted from the home we had loved for the wonderful last ten years.  We have been living for over a year through the kindness of loving Sun City friends by housesitting for them, primarily in the off-season. We have been living in the casita of close friends since November 13th.  
 Since that time, Daryl has had serious health problems with very large and painful kidney stones, kidney problems requiring a painful drainage tube in his back, then constant catheters because of bladder problems which caused excessive bleeding leading to four days in Eisenhower Hospital. He has lost fifty pounds during this time.
We have to leave this casita on January 3rd. We have a housesitting job starting in late May but need a place to stay between January 3rd and the end of May. We are researching renting a hotel room at a negotiated rate and think that $10,000 would get us through this critical situation in our lives.
We are semi-retired.  Daryl has two degrees and has worked in marketing with advertising agencies for over thirty years, as well as being the owner and editor of an 18-year-old resource magazine for Baby Boomers. Holly is a trained commercial artist, illustrator, and art director who currently does outstanding websites for people and small businesses.
Neither of us smokes, and Daryl drinks alcohol sparingly in social situations. Both of us are triple vaccinated.
We have many friends in Sun City who would gladly give personal recommendations on request.
Our life philosophy is:
“The service you give to others is the rent you pay for the place you have on Earth.”
Thank you so much for any help you can give.

Daryl and Holly Burns
Live – Laugh – Love

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