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My most health conscious, warm, spirited friend and colleague was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. The news was shocking and devastating. I realize that there are so many women now dealing with this but I am asking for contributions for my friend, as time is so important and learning about this test will help so many others.

After the initial gut-wrenching reaction, she did the only thing she knew to do….be true to herself. She has always been an educator and believer in holistic, but evidence-based approaches to health. She knew her path was to love, respect and support her body, not induce trauma or toxicity to battle the cancer. This was her approach to her diagnosis of HER2 Positive Breast cancer, one of the more aggressive forms of cancer. After months of research, she advocated for her choice of utilizing cryoablation for freezing and killing the tumor cells. The procedure was successful, but cancer is complicated. Another tumor has appeared and cryoablation cannot be utilized for this surface one. Her costs out of pocket have now reached over 30K. We need help. There is still more to discover starting with an RGCC Test Onconomics RGCC Cancer Testing | Identifying Effective Cancer Drugs (rgcc-international.com). It determines the most suitable and successful treatments for your specific cancer.

My friend has always known that the obstacles of life are our path for growth and evolvement. The knowledge that she has gleaned will be shared with others. I am asking you to help my friend now, but this has a ripple effect that is global. One out of every three women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in the next five years. The traditional approach only to this female issue is not proving to be the answer, so again, thank you in advance for your donation at any level.

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