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One of the kindest, most helpful people I have ever met is in desperate need.  I’m hoping you can find it in your heart to help.

My adopted sister Patty ‘Wolf’ Williams is a fifty-year-old retired Teacher from Quemado, Texas.  She is fierce and highly protective friend, a lover of Nature and the great outdoors, a formidable Disc Golf opponent, and someone who refuses to stand idle when confronted with injustice.

I like hundreds of people, and respect most of them – but there are precious few that I truly admire.  Wolf is one of the precious.

After graduating Eagle Pass High School, Patty joined the Tulsa Job Corps, where she learned Carpentry.  After that she became an Alumnus of Northeastern State University and Rogers State University, carrying a full course load (and often working two jobs simultaneously) so she could pursue her dream of teaching and still pay bills and the rent.

Upon graduation, Patty taught for Tulsa Public Schools in Oklahoma, and later became an Assistant Teacher in Salida, Colorado.  Patty always went the extra mile for her classes, and her students remember her fondly.  Remember that one favorite Teacher in Grade School that really listened to and understood you?  This is Patty Williams.

I first met Wolf in Tulsa, while I was the top producer of footage for Green Country Interiors commercial construction, and I have always been impressed with her work ethic.  I’ve known her for 18 years, and throughout that time Patty has rarely held less than two jobs.  More often she held three – Teaching, one job to pay the bills her salary wouldn’t cover – and one to supply the children she nurtured.

If you were ever a Teacher, then you know what I am talking about.

Patty has always been hard wired to help others.  She couldn’t escape it even if she wanted to.  It’s in her nature, a part of her psyche.

This is why I adopted Wolf, and why she needs help now.

While coming to the aid of a lady who was being attacked, Patty’s Cervical spine was damaged when the guy released his first victim and attacked her instead.  He almost broke her neck, dislocating vertebra C-4.  Such things have a way of getting worse over time, not better.  The more Patty’s active lifestyle deteriorated the condition of her disc, the less she was able to do over time, even making it harder to learn and remember.  This was one of the reasons Patty eventually had to give up on her dream of Teaching.

Unfortunately, the other jobs Wolf has worked all her life are more physical, and they have only hastened the deterioration of her spine.  This has taken a huge toll on her standing in the industry and earnings capability.  In the last Decade, Patty’s capabilities have devolved from that of Second Chef (someone who could run your whole kitchen when the Head Chef is out) to line cook to fry cook to doing prep for a sandwich shop.  (The surgery is kind of a parting gift from their insurance.  I wish she’d let me tell you her side of that!)

Now Patty is noticeably weaker on her left side, and she is in imminent jeopardy of losing the use of her arms.

My sister needs help desperately, and now.

My Awesome Sister Patty comes from a proud, hardworking, God-fearing South Texas family.  Patty is a straight talker, a hard charger, and a true lover of her fellow man.  Her default mode has always been that of Care Giver, brightening the lives of countless passers-by with her kind words and genuine smile.

Now Patty is in need of a Care Giver like you.  Not many of us on here are really rich, I know – but we are still capable of making a huge difference in helping to save a worthy person’s life.

That’s why we read these, right?

If you can’t send a lot, send a little.  If you can’t send a little, send a dollar.  Not now?  There’s always next week.  If that’s not an option for you, you can still help by sharing this to the widest possible audience.  I’m not asking for much, but Patty still needs a lot.  By ourselves, we are just grains of sand – but together we can make a beach!

Patty needs $13080.

The largest chunk, $8600, is for medical expenses, of course.  The cost of the surgery is $22786.42, but thankfully Patty is only responsible for $5000. of that.  Unfortunately, she will have to pay 100% of her physical therapy, which will cost $3600. over the four months following the procedure.  Her medications will cost $120. and her medical testing supplies will cost $160. over the same period of time.

The remaining $4480. is for Patty’s rent, car payments, car insurance, and phone service.  She has other cyclic responsibilities, obviously.  These are just her highest priorities.

Wolf is determined to craft her own Destiny.

It’s so hard to ask for help when you have spent your whole life giving it.

This is one of the truly good ones, folks.

Please take a minute and send Patty whatever you can.  You will be rescuing a True Friend and unleashing a Powerful Force for Good.

Thank you.


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