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1 & 2 Projects

My Friends and I want to help People in hurting times since we have been fortunate to stay some what busybody with luck.


Amid the much needed awareness that

Violent protesters, looters and thieves are Taking Advantage of these Chaotic times to go out and Wreak Havoc among Communities and Neighborhood like ours; cities/ small & big town/ out in the country. ; of Tampa & Miami FL,Van Nuys, Las Angles, Boston, New York, Orland Park,Madison… EXC…


This is a community made up of many small & big businesses already suffering from the effects of COVID-19 shut downs and up running again. People who are facing the financial reality of the pandemic and money problems.



I want to help Samaritan’s Purse projects such as Operating Christmas Child, International Crisis Response, Relief When Disaster Hits Home, World Medicinal Mission, & Minister to all the people with the Bible.





Genesis 28:3-4

“” I pray that God All-Powerful will bless you and give you many children. I pray that you will become the father of a great nation and that God will bless you and your children the same way he blessed Abraham. And I pray that you will own the land where you live. This is the land God gave to Abraham. “”




***** This fund is based on a shared community trust system. We want to reduce the barriers that invasive questions do to accessing support, while being accountable and transparent to the community and to our donors. *****



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