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Hello my name is “Hunter” Jeremy E. Carrier-Martin (I go by Hunter Carrier) and on the evening of November 21st I had a Seizure (which began occurring more often due to a flare up that had begun several weeks earlier caused by Neuromyelitis Optica, a rare Neurodegenerative Autoimmune disease that affects approximately 4 million people in the world) and after coming to, my ex began an argument with me telling me she was leaving me because she said she couldn’t take care of me anymore (despite the fact it was I taking care of her, by getting us jobs and a place to live, a house my employer bought for us to rent from him due to being such a valuable asset to maintain his property) and after telling her that I agreed and she should leave earlier as I couldn’t keep supporting her alcoholism.

I was assaulted by my ex with a knife and stabbed in the thigh causing me to flee for safety. After having another seizure and waking up in the woods I attempted to go back to my home. I saw two people walking with flashlights and approached them following their orders to show my hands and get informed me they were the police, I asked if they could stop shining the flashlight directly in my eyes and was told no, I then asked if they could illuminate their uniforms so I could know for certain they were the police, to which I was told no, I then asked if I was being detained to which again I was told no. They asked why I was in the woods and I explained I had been chased by someone with a knife(as I did not want to press charges at the time, knowing my ex’s mental state and hoping that I could get her the help she needed), the officer approached me and patted me down to see I had no knife I again asked if I was being detained to be told no, after some back end forth I leaned my head forward and asked one last time if I was being detained and again I was told no. I turned to walk back to my home so that we could continue this in a lit area as we were in the woods and was tackled from behind by the officer where he placed the full weight of his body on my lower left leg and it was shattered by the officer. I told the officer he broke my leg and he refused to believe me until they shined their lights on my leg and saw the compound fracture they had caused. I was forced to wait for the EMTs to arrive and was brought to mission hospital in Asheville. 

This all occurred because after she stabbed me she called the police and lied by telling them that I was suicidal and I had attempted suicide by slitting my wrists and stabbing myself in the stomach, that I had a knife on me and not telling them I had been having seizures resulting in a confrontation in which I asked the police that resulted in a Tib-fib fracture and requiring me to have surgery to repair my leg (A rod was added behind my tibia along with four screws to allow normal rotation function at the knee and ankle).

After I went to the hospital my ex filled an order of protection to prevent me from returning home and not allowing me to press charges for the assault as it has become a domestic incident (which doesn’t make sense to do if someone was suicidal and shows a level of vindictiveness).

My mother originally went to get my items and was told by my ex she was not welcome and ending up having to get a police escort and was able to get my things from my home, however my wallet is still missing and the house was utterly disgusting with beer cans and liquor bottles all over and the house smelling of cat urine and I am afraid my 8 chickens I have hand raised are most likely dead in the basement where I have been raising them. 

After much thought as to the nature of our relationship it has come to my attention that she was an abuser and convinced me to isolate myself from my family and friends due to issues that had happened in the past. It was after speaking to several of her ex’s I found she had also assaulted several of them along with several people she was not in a relationship with. Sadly she is bipolar and I did everything in my power to help her and provide for her but after taking everything I had she finally took the last step and physically assaulted me for the second time (the first was in August and was because I was crying over my best friend’s death to which she began breaking my things starting with the last thing he gave me on the last day I saw him alive).

My foot has become infected and I am currently on IV antibiotics to prevent the infection from spreading into my bones which could lead to a total amputation, and currently am having trouble with moving around as my resting heart rate is currently around 120, with it reaching into 150-160 range while walking leading me to have almost fainted several times over the last few days leaving me bedridden. I am unsure of the length of the hospital stay but it may last into December 15-17 (as long as no complications arise) as she is being evicted, and the 15th is when she must be out (despite her not being on the lease, she had been granted control of my home via the order of protection which was placed due to emotional abuse by her claiming I tried to commit suicide).

With my leg shattered and being unable to go back to work (I am a carpenter, plumber, electrician, forester, architectural Landscape designer, and heavy equipment operator, with my Job title being Property Manager) for between 6 months (when I may be able to begin working 10 hours or less a week) to a 1 year (when I hopefully should be healed enough to return to full time employment), I need to ask for help from my friends and family with things like buying food, paying rent and other bills, paying for medications, fixing my vehicles and paying for a home aide to help with basic things like cleaning my house, taking the trash, bringing me to doctors appointments and physical therapy (until I am able to drive again), and assisting with my animals until I am able to return to work and literally stand on my own two feet again. I hate asking for help and would rather go without if I can’t afford something but for the first time in my life I’m alone and completely unable to work or even fend for myself.

I am thankful that I am alive today and am receiving medical help, and am lucky that I will be receiving a settlement next year due to being rear ended at a stop sign in Feb. 2019. I Had planned to use this settlement money I am about to receive (from being struck by the drunk driver last year) to start my own business, however, with my injuries and inability to work in my trained profession, I must now use that money along with any donations to survive for the next year and pay for medical Bills. I now plan to use the money from the car accident to start my own Land Management company here in Western North Carolina and start the next chapter of my life.


 I appreciate anyone who can help financially, spiritually, and emotionally with my current ordeal. I understand if anyone is unable to donate, but all I ask is that you please share this campaign. Thank you and God Bless.


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