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Post op picture of my hand after surgery. I will not be able to use my hand for several months while it heals. Please send a donation to assist me; while I take time to recover from surgery.

Post op picture of my hand after surgery. I will not be able to use my hand for several months while it heals. Please send a donation to assist me; while I take time to recover from surgery.

This is a picture of my hand once the doctor pulled the skin back over the wound partly. On Wednesday, February 07, 2024 I was brutally attacked by my son who was having a psychotic break. My 26 yr old son, suffers from ADHD, Bi-Polar, and schizophrenia. As a child while in my Mother’s care he was on medication. Unfortunately; his biological mother did not keep him on his medication, once she got visitation, and kept him in her care against our wishes. I was at the Reading Terminal Market playing my Cunga Drum when my son rides up on a bicycle, jumps off, and charges at me wielding a large Survival knife. Screaming “it was all over the news!!!” You stole my money!! As I looked up the knife was coming down at my face; instinctively put my left hand up to shield my face from being cut, and the back of my hand was cut so deep that it severed the ligaments and rendered my hand crippled. I lost alot of blood, and managed to wrap my hand with a towel that I normally use to cover my Cunga Drum. I was rushed to Jefferson Hospital emergency room, and the doctors were trying to figure out the best course of action. No surgeons there, they merely stitched my hand that was hanging off; back together, and my surgerical visit is on Wednesday. I was given Cephalexin antibiotic, Ibuprofen, and Valium for pain. Subsequently; the pain hasn’t went away. The medication makes it bearable, but I’m not able to use my left hand at all. My right pinky finger is also broken, which makes it difficult for me to prepare meals, and eat. It is extremely hard to dress, bathe, and I cannot lift anything. I’m not able to do anything that I was doing moments before I was viciously attacked. It appears to be a long road to recovery, and I don’t have any means to buy the essentials that I need for everyday nor can I pay my electric, gas, water, or phone bill. All I know is that I have used my hands to help others, and now I need a Helping Hand. Please help with whatever you can. I don’t fully know how long I will be without the use of my hand.

I’m praying that my son gets the help he needs, and that he doesn’t hurt anyone else. Mental illness is real, and alot of people who suffer; don’t get the help they need, and are a danger to themselves and others. We must address this problem, and seek to find real solutions that will help those in need to get on medication and therapy. By God’s grace and mercy I lived through what could have been a fatal injury. I will not know the long term affects until after the surgery.

I’m blessed to have my Mom, and she was doing so much to help; I didn’t realize how much help I need. Once I was alone, the challenge was overwhelming. Even making my bed is a chore that I cannot do at the moment. Cooking, cleaning, bathing, all the things that was so easy last week; are now impossible for me to do on my own. Also coping with the pain that never fully goes away is a challenge in itself. Cannot sleep good, and when I do go to sleep; I’m having periods when I cannot wake myself up right away. It is like being trapped in my own body. It may have been caused by the amount of blood lost at the time of the injury. Having daycares and nightmares about people breaking in my home with knives stabbing me. Unable to use my left hand, and my right hand is limited because my pinky finger is broken.  I need help with my finances while my body heals. Please show some love with a donation. It would be greatly appreciated.

 On February 13, 2024 I was admitted to Virtua Health of Vorhees Hospital with an infection in the hand that was injured during the attack. I was in excruciating pain, and immediately was given Antibiotics to address the infection. The initial cut was to the back of my hand, and this infection came through to below my fingers on my upper palm. Three different antibiotics through the IV. I was released and now I’m home. My next major hurdle is the surgical procedure that will repair my severed ligaments in my hand. Which is what I’m most concerned about. I solicit the prayers of all those who will pray. I believe that prayer changes things. With all that has happened, I believe that the Lord is with me. The road to recovery will be tedious, but I’m determined to ride on it until my exit comes up. Peace and blessings 

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Today February 17, 2024; I never imagined being unable to cook, clean, and take care of the essential little things around the house, and now I know to never take anything for granted. The home healthcare worker will be here tomorrow, giving my Mom a much needed break. Alot of people don’t understand the severity of my injury. I cannot use my left hand at all. Unable to lift or hold anything. Cannot unfasten my belt, or pull up my pants except with one hand. I’m right handed, but the left hand is just as important. My oven just stopped working, which is another obstacle. I need a new oven. I promised my 17 yr old daughter that we would make banana pudding cake, and now that I cannot, I would let her grandmother come over and help make it. I need a working stove. 

On February 18, 2024; My prayers were answered. The nicest home health care nurse came to inspect the womb, and change the wrap on my hand. While her expertise was dully noted; her kindness, and ability to inform, instruct, and inspire was second to no one. As I rambled on…. Sometimes incoherently from the pain medication; I was conscious enough to observe her, and I was hoping that she would  be overseeing my care, but it was a one and done for her. Hopefully; each home health aid will take their time, and do like she did. 

Just when I thought I was going to hath to let my life stay in utter chaos. My Occupational therapists showed me that where there is a will there is a way. One of the kindest, and most unselfish persons came as a volunteer. She took her time, and taught me all the basics, and how to use one hand. I would like to thank everyone, but especially this young lady who used to work inside the Reading Terminal Market, and would enjoy my rendition of Al Green’s ” Let’s Stay Together.”  She was kind enough to come and I believe that she was an Angel in disguise. She took the time to teach me how to fold clothes with one hand, and open jars, and she even bought an item to assist with cutting my lemons for my hot tea. I cannot fail to mention that her boyfriend drove her from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, and out of the kindness of their hearts, not looking for anything in return. I couldn’t begin to say enough thank you. I feel like I matter, and I certainly am grateful. I pray that God will bless them in a special way. Next update will be on Thursday, February 22, 2024 as I go for pre- surgical procedure visit. 

My pre- surgery appointment is 03/12/2024

My surgery is scheduled for 03/18/2024 at Virtua Health Of Voorhees

My post op is on 03/21/2024; 

Please keep in mind that I still have a way to go before I’m able to get back out there. I appreciate all the kind and generous donations. I never dreamed that my music reached so many people. We are half way to our goal, and so I’m asking everyone to share my campaign one more time in an effort to get to the goal or surpass it. Please consider donating again; it will help in more ways than you can imagine. 

  On Friday March 1, 2024, I will be playing music at the Reading Terminal Market. From 10am – 12pm I cannot play my drum, but I will be accompanied by other street performers in an effort to reach my fundraising goal. I appreciate all of you who gave. Your collective donations allowed me to pay off some serious debts, and the donations received on Friday will help me with ongoing bills, and expenses. Thank you again for your ongoing support. Please share my fundraising campaign with your friends and family. Please consider another kind donation to help me with ongoing expenses; because I’m unable to use my hand at all. 

03/09/2024: At this point; I’m dealing with the limitations of not being able to use my left hand. My road to recovery begins after my surgery on 03/18/2024. Just pray that all goes well, I’m coping with the pain from my injury with the cocktail of medication prescribed by my doctor.  I will post my next update once I go to the pre op appointment on 03/12/2024. 

Update: 3/17/2024

I would like to thank each and everyone for all your kind and generous donations. It has been a true blessing. I will be going into surgery 3/18/2024. Please consider a donation to help me cover my expenses while I recover from the surgery. I appreciate what you have done, and ask that you consider donating again. Thank you in advance. 

04/26/2024;  Well I would like to thank each one of you who have taken the time to read my story, and especially thank those who contributed to my fundraising campaign. If you have given already please consider donating once again as I recover. If you have not donated; I solicit your donation to help me get through this difficult time. As I recover from my injury. 

Preliminary rehearsal for the return of My Cunga Drum will be on July 19, 2024; The fundraiser did not yet meet the financial goal of $9,950.00; please help me reach this goal with your donation today. A celebration of the return of Cungaman will formally take place at The Reading Terminal Market on August 9, 2024; The program will consist of performance by fellow street performers and celebrities. It will be a full day of performers and will mark the new beginnings of ” The Street Performers Collaboration” aka The PSPC…. I have been in extensive therapy since the operation to repair the severed ligaments in my hand. Come help make the day of events a success. Your donation is greatly appreciated. 


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