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I am a wife of 10 years and a mom of two beautiful daughters, ages eight and one. I am 40 years old and living with more pain than someone twice my age, hence the name grandmom!
I suffered an injury to my neck at birth and have lived with pain ever since. My mother was told by the specialist it was a miracle that I could move my neck at all, and that surgery would make things worse. With no other options, I was left to battle with chronic pain, and at 20 years old, I found out that I had arthritis.

For the next 10 years, I worked through the pain and managed ok. But after being involved in three car accidents within two years time, in 2010 and 2011, I suffered further neck, back, and shoulder injuries, and over the last 20 years, my physical health has declined, now to the point that every day is a fight for survival. Determined to have children despite the pain, I pushed past it, and the Lord gave me a beautiful family.

We have spent our life savings trying to get me well. I have seen every specialist, tried every treatment, and exhausted every resource in efforts to get on the other side of things. In 2015 and 2021 I was rushed into spine surgery, both times the spinal cord being compressed, putting me at risk for paralysis. Both times my babies were only newborns.
Just in the last year, I have had 3 surgeries, MRIs, 2 CAT scans, 12 X-rays, 3 ultrasounds, 4 surgical procedures, close to 50 dr visits, and almost 100 therapy sessions. Medical debt has pilled up faster than we can pay it. I am in terrible pain and desperate for relief.
The spinal cord stimulator could help to get the pain down by up to 90%, and I would have a chance at living again. However, the surgery is expensive, and we cannot afford it, on top of everything else, we need to cover.
I am in recovery from elbow surgery last week for nerve damage in my arm and have pelvic surgery scheduled for this month. I may also need surgery to stabilize the hip joints. During recovery, we have to have someone here to help with the baby, so we need funds for that as well.
My family is hurting, and we are in need of help.  Please consider donating to our cause, and help this grandmom, get her life back!

TIA for your support and generosity.


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