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Hello!, My name is Elijah, and this fundraiser is for my mom. She has been going through more than a rough time, and she needs some help. Our landlord died about a year ago and since then a lot has been going on. The new owner of the property has been nothing but crude to her and she’s stressed till no ends about legal problems going on with my dad. She’s been juggling looking for a house, feeding her family and health problems with her nerves, back and legs. She also trying to get an extra job which is heartbreaking. I’ve tried to take some problems off of her hands but it doesn’t take away everything she’s been going through. She’s extremely sweet, when she comes home she always acts energetic to make my younger brothers think everything is ok, but I know that things aren’t, she’s also sheltered a multitude of people in her house and they take advantage of her kindness all the time, but she never minds and keeps pushing. We have to leave out house before mid July and she’s found a house in a spot that is great, but the only problem is that the application fee is $300, and the deposit is $2600. She makes decent money from her job but she’s paying for everything alone. She pays for my dad’s car, always keeps food on the table, and she buys my brother’s clothes and other items for school, and a whole lot more, I try to help by paying the internet bill, but I can only work so much unfortunately. She’s amazing and I really want her to get this house, I know everyone in the world struggles but I think she’s struggled enough and I want to surprise her with this gift. I plan to record her reaction and share this with everyone, but for now I prey that this reaches the right people, and I hope for the best. (anything will do because this will all be going straight to her)

Thank you.


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