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My Mom is the strongest person I know. My Mom works every day and then comes home to take care of the house and everyone in it. My Mom would take care of the world before she took care of herself, but now to take care of everyone she has to take care of herself.
My Mom has cancer. Her2+ stage 3 breast cancer. She started chemo a few weeks ago and things did not go as expected. We knew she would be sick, as chemo has that effect on people. However, she was more than the ‘normal’ chemo-sick. She ended up having a severe reaction and was bedridden for two weeks. On top of that, she had also caught some type of stomach bug she got from work. It was hard to see her so sick. Her hair was gone, she couldn’t keep anything down and was throwing up anything we tried to give her. She needed help showering and was kept home from work. After a rough recovery, she was finally better only two days before she was scheduled for her next treatment.
After no contact or check-up from her treatment center, she felt slightly neglected and unsure if she wanted to continue treatment. My Grandma, whose mom also had cancer, suggested my mom go to the doctor my Great Grandma went to, Dr. Forsythe. This new Doctor has a much safer process and actually checks for allergens and what type of chemo works best for each individual patient. We feel a lot more safe and confident about continuing treatment with this new doctor. Our whole family is feeling a lot more hopeful. We only have one issue, money. Though this new treatment is promising, it is a bit out of our price range and is not covered by insurance. We: my grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are asking for help. We want the best for her and nothing less. She deserves the best possible chance. She does so much for so many people and so we are asking those of you who can to give back even if only a penny, we will accept what we can to ensure she can stick around as long as possible. We’re not quite done bugging her yet.
– A thousand thanks, her daughter, Jewely

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