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As many of you know, Amanda was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2019. She underwent multiple surgeries, including a very painful mastectomy causing her to lose both of her breasts, and also underwent 16 rounds of brutal chemotherapy, 30 rounds of unforgiving radiation, and then 17 rounds of immunotherapy. Amanda went through the ringing but yet kept such a positive, amazing attitude.

After being in remission for a year and a half, Amanda found out the worst, the cancer came back, but in her brain. She had to have brain surgery in July of 2021 removing a tumor the size of a peach. After successful tumor removal, she required radiation of the brain. She then had PT, OT, and Speech therapy for almost 6 months. But she got through, again.

Amanda recently found out she has to have another brain surgery on 4/25/23. Not even two years later. Amanda needs help to cover her deductible and her time off from work. Amanda works in a private practice setting. She does not have the means to take off to recover. Please help Brad, Amanda, Reese (12), Brody (9), and Raelyn (2) with the financial means to bounce back from this cancer.


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