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I have stage four prostate cancer, I need help with everything from housing, clothes, car insurance, money for gas to and from doctor, help for family, including paying bills , and help with my cancer bills. I also need funds to find a place to stay and helping pay for the place to stay. My wife Quiwana Faye Bright has been doing all she can to help with her income disability she gets every month, but it is not enough to do it all, I have applied for disability myself and am waiting to get approved, but  it is a long process and am doing all I can to work with my lawyers. Thank you all very much for helping me, I very much appreciate all that you all are doing to help me and my family, and I love you.  I owe God a lot for being there with me through it all and blessed to still be alive and able to do for myself and my wife and granddaughter, Kamerria Nelcole Bright for being there with me through this cancer. Thank you all very, very much. I thank my mother Mrs. Martha Mae Bright for letting me, my wife, and granddaughter stay until we find a place to go. She has been through a lot, after she lost her son Julius Bright, back in February, she has Alzheimer’s and does not want to own up to it, We are thankful for all that family and friends have done to help us.


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