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On my behalf of myself, I’m asking you to offer support to me. I been homeless since February of this year been to many places here in Alabama where I have been told its a waiting process. I can’t afford to sleep in the hotel every night sometimes sleep in my car from time to time to save money where I’m able to feed myself and pay for the showers at the truck stop, it could be very overwhelming. I call at church ST. Vincent and met Andy over the phone and her team pay for 3 nights for me to be able to have some rest. Just start working 11-7 with people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. I enjoy working with people, especially the elderly. It will be a great help if there is anybody out there that is able to bless me. God knows I will really appreciate anything somebody could bless me with. Just hasn’t been my year so far but I’m trusting God that a change will come soon..so please if you are able help me.

Thank you


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