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Teresa Folds

Help turn Teresa’s tragedies into an end filled with JOY

I am Juleigh, Teresa’s caregiver and friend. Teresa has been through more tragedies than anyone I have ever met. I have the hope that you can help her in the short time she has left to feel the comfort and joy that she deserves.

What Teresa has endured:
Child, age 20, lost in 2006
Became disabled from a back injury in 2012
Husband, age 53, lost in 2013
Child, age 38, lost in 2019
Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019
Hit & run car accident resulting in a shoulder replacement in 2020
Currently diagnosed and undergoing treatment for incurable stage 4 metastatic lung cancer. She has bone cancer in many areas including the inner skull with the tumor protruding into the brain barrier.

Even though she is struggling financially, physically and emotionally she continues to have faith in a higher power and think of others and help anyone she can. I am astonished she continues, with a little help from me, to drop off any extra food she gets to an elderly person in need and she continues to feed her feral cats and other critters.

Her and I spend a lot of precious time trying to figure out how to pay bills. She has received some help, but it isn’t near enough. She needs help with out of pocket medical expenses for medical supplies, medical copays, car repairs, bills for utilities/gas/water/mortgage/insurance, and food. She has had the same couch for 20 years. It is very uncomfortable and you can see in the photo that we have to use lots of pillows to prop up the flat cushions. I don’t want her to die on an old crummy couch. I want her to die with dignity and in comfort.

The impact your donation would give would be tremendous! Teresa lives in St. Louis, MO and doesn’t have any family nearby. Not only would your donation help her financially it would help her emotionally to know that people like you care. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read her story! I hope you can find it in your heart to make her dreams come true and have the peace that she deserves.

With love,
Juleigh and Teresa
Doctor’s Letter

This is an example of her many bills
Her crummy couch


UPDATE: Recent CT scan shows that her current chemo is not working resulting in her cancer spreading. It is spreading the most in her spine causing her pain. It is essential that we get her a recliner so that she can be more comfortable! Thank you so much for your kindness! *Hugs* She will be trying a different chemo regimen soon.


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